May 15th @6pm




 Does Law Influence Culture, or does Culture Influence Law?

Space, Hope and Charity

June 6 / Film Screening and Q&A

A documentary about Charity Woodrum, a young woman from rural Oregon whose dream is nearly derailed by tragedy. What drove her to continue? What drives us all to continue?

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Upcoming Events


May 20th



Headwaters SymposiumOregon State University campus.

A Truth and Reckoning
with Water
Ending an Abusive Relationship

Kai Huschke, Executive Director at CELDF
and president of the ORCRN
will be the Keynote speaker that day with a presentation that envisions a sustainable, holistic, relationship with water. A relationship where water is not here to serve society’s never-ending demand to satisfy our needs but to flourish and thrive free of manmade requirements and abuse.






Webinar Wednesday

May 15th at 6pm

Ohio Tips The Cultural Scale In Favor Of Rights of Nature

Artist Andrea Bowers is an Ohio native living in Los Angeles.
When she was made aware of the effort to protect Lake Erie
through the passage of the Lake Erie Bill of Rights
and learned it was subsequently struck down by the courts
in favor of continuing agriculturally induced pollution,
she wanted to know more. Learn More!



3rd Mondays

May 20
June 17



Community Rights Action (CRA)

Third Monday of Every Month.

Sponsored by Community Rights Lane County
Join us on Zoom!  Learn More Here!

Thur. June 6th

Knight Law Center



Space, Hope and Charity – Film Screening

 Life felt perfect for Charity Woodrum. Then, she experienced
what she calls “The Worst Day.”
Her world was destroyed. What kept her going?
What keeps us all going?

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Chat 4 Change


Active County Chapters

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is based on the coast of Oregon, they have  passed an aerial pesticide spray ban!

Lane County

Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) is based out of Eugene Oregon, their public meeting is the third Monday of the month.

Douglas County

Community Rights Douglas County is a group of individuals who are committed to protecting the ecosystems that our communities depend on.

Columbia County

Clean Columbia County is working to Establish a Community Bill of Rights for the People of Columbia County Providing for a Sustainable Energy Future.