State Preemption is Crushing Local Democracy

Join the ORCRN on Wednesday, November 18th as they host an evening with experts on state preemption: where did state preemption come from, trends and impacts on communities, and what can be done to turn the tide in favor of local democracy.

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Community Rights Constitutional Amendment

The Community Rights Amendment would secure the right of people and local governments to advance protections for the health, safety, and welfare of natural people, communities, and nature.
Limit corporate interference.
Respect protections and rights already secured by state and federal law.
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Our Community Reflects on Community Rights work and Covid-19

Community Reflections - LCCR

With climate change, the melting of glaciers, extinction of species, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, all exacerbated by the actions of a lunatic in the White House, the cycles that made our natural world what it is over millions of years are now unraveling. What we are seeing on so many levels is the result of a system of government that parcels out nature as property. Read More!

Community Reflections - CCC

COVID-19 has heightened my concern for community. And by that I mean tight community – my neighborhood, my town, my county. That is all I care about right now. My neighbor who broke his leg – does he have food in the house? Read More!

Community Reflections - CRLC

Our hearts have cried out in earnest as we, one by one, have joined in Nature’s Chorus. We have marched our marches, written our initiatives, stood before officials, spoke endlessly of democracy…. the list goes on and on. We care so deeply and see so clearly what must be undone and recreated. And now, stand in awe as Mother Nature, in one fell swoop bridges the abyss, rings her truth, frees the door we have so fastidiously attempted to budge.  Read More!

Active County Chapters

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is based on the coast of Oregon, they have  passed an aerial pesticide spray ban!

Lane County

Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) is based out of Eugene Oregon, their public meeting is the third Monday of the month.


Douglas County

Community Rights Douglas County is a groups and individuals who are committed to protecting the ecosystems that our communities depend on.


Columbia County

Clean Columbia County is working to Establish a Community Bill of Rights for the People of Columbia County Providing for a Sustainable Energy Future.


Coos County

Coos Commons Protection Council is actively working on the Jordon Cove project, hoping to interrupt the LNG.



We Have the Power to Impact Our Future…

Protecting your community from legally sanctioned corporate assault means getting involved with challenging and changing the structure of government and decision-making. It requires that, together, we build a people’s movement of historic proportions!

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Our mission is to support and empower communities to secure local self determination and self-governance rights, superior to corporate power, in order to protect fundamental rights, quality of life, the natural environment, public health, and safety.