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Upcoming Events


February 8th

8am – 5pm






Calling all Water Protectors

Please join us in Salem for a Rally/Protest and deliver our legislators a unified message: Why is it legal to poison our water? We want our elected officials to take water protection seriously!   Learn More Here.


Webinar Wednesday


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Active County Chapters

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is based on the coast of Oregon, they have  passed an aerial pesticide spray ban!

Lane County

Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) is based out of Eugene Oregon, their public meeting is the third Monday of the month.

Douglas County

Community Rights Douglas County is a group of individuals who are committed to protecting the ecosystems that our communities depend on.

Columbia County

Clean Columbia County is working to Establish a Community Bill of Rights for the People of Columbia County Providing for a Sustainable Energy Future.