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DEC. 16

12:30pm &






TBA @6pm


Informational Sessions: Oregon Supreme Court Chooses to Ignore the Vote in Lincoln Co.

Dec. 16th
12:30pm & 6:30pm (2 sessions!)

What started by a vote of the People in 2017 banning the practice, lead to the lower courts suppressing their vote in favor of corporate rights having precedence.
The on-going court process recently ended when the Oregon Supreme Court refused to hear Lincoln County’s petition.     So what comes next?
When you’ve followed all the rules of a system intent on protecting corporate profits over the personal health and safety of its citizens, what’s an Oregonian to do?

Please join us for a 30 minute info session where folks from Lincoln County and the Oregon Community Rights Network will discuss the past, present and future of Measure 21-177, the citizen initiative to ban aerial spray of biocides.

RSVP for the Zoom link: [email protected]

Webinar Wednesdays

Each Month we’ll bring you another presentation, movie or social event that will make you think twice about what we’ve been taught. Check back frequently for updates.

Active County Chapters

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is based on the coast of Oregon, they have  passed an aerial pesticide spray ban!

Lane County

Community Rights Lane County (CRLC) is based out of Eugene Oregon, their public meeting is the third Monday of the month.

Douglas County

Community Rights Douglas County is a group of individuals who are committed to protecting the ecosystems that our communities depend on.

Columbia County

Clean Columbia County is working to Establish a Community Bill of Rights for the People of Columbia County Providing for a Sustainable Energy Future.