September 25, 2017


Media Contact: Rob Dickinson
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Volunteers from throughout Lane County have collected more than 15,000 signatures calling for a ban on the aerial spraying of herbicides by timber corporations. On Friday, September 29 at 10 a.m., citizens will deliver the petitions for certification to the Lane County Elections office at 275 West 10th Avenue in Eugene.
The Lane County Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of Rights would amend the county charter to make it unlawful for corporations or governmental agencies to engage in the aerial spraying of herbicides from helicopters and other airborne vehicles.
The amendment requires 11,500 signatures of registered Lane County voters to qualify, but public support has been so strong the final tally has far exceeded that. Once certified by the county election office, the amendment will be put to a public vote on a future ballot.
Katja Kohler-Gause, one of the Chief Petitioners of the initiative and a member of Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance, says “This is not just about ending the aerial spraying of herbicides in our county. It’s also about the people of Lane County asserting their right to say “No” to harmful practices by huge corporations that threaten our health, safety, and welfare. These corporations engage in these hazardous practices with little regard for how they affect the community, and that’s got to stop.”
A second ballot initiative, The Lane County Self-Government Charter Amendment, that acknowledges the right of local communities to prevent corporate harms, like aerial spraying, fracking or oil pipelines, with the same authority secured in the Declaration of Independence, the Oregon Constitution, and the United States Constitution, currently has over 11,000 signatures of registered voters.
In all, Lane County residents have collected nearly 27,000 signatures to protect their community from corporate harms to our environment, health, economy, and individual liberties.
Community members, small business owners, and Chief Petitioners will be available for interviews.
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