Community Reflections

A series of reflections on how our personal experience of Community has been changed by Covid-19 and how it has energized our belief in Community Rights in the Time of a Pandemic.

Our government is Failing us…

COVID-19 has heightened my concern for community. And by that I mean tight community – my neighborhood, my town, my county. That is all I care about right now. My neighbor who broke his leg – does he have food in the house? The young professional single mom two blocks away, does she need a break from doing both homeschooling and her own job from her kitchen table? And, my friend in the next town over who, three weeks after filing, still hasn’t received her unemployment check or the stimulus check and is worried sick about making rent and putting food on the table. She is foremost in my thoughts. All politics is local and right now that means all survival is local. Our government is failing us when we need it most. What would all this look like if communities really had the right to local self government? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t look like this.

~ Clean Columbia County Member

The Tears are now Showing.

With climate change, the melting of glaciers, extinction of species, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, all exacerbated by the actions of a lunatic in the White House, the cycles that made our natural world what it is over millions of years are now unraveling. What we are seeing on so many levels is the result of a system of government that parcels out nature as property. Nature, in which everything is interconnected and interdependent, is not a sum of separate portions for us to market and exploit as we see fit. A species of bird going extinct on an island in the Indian Ocean has caused the extinction of a kind of tree the seeds of which that species of bird scattered when eating its fruit. The dust kicked up by winds in the Sahara desert is carried across the Atlantic and fertilizes soil in the Amazon basin. Nature is the web of life. Our economy, however, is designed to prosper by tearing at that web. The tears are now showing. No amount of prosperity can make up for the loss of our beautiful earthly home. We have no other. For that reason, we in the Community Rights movement believe that we must change our economic system and its underlying legal structure to one in which We The People decide on matters that affect our health and safety and that of our environment, and in which corporations are legally subordinated to those decisions.

~ Lincoln County Community Rights Member

A Brave New World…

Our hearts have cried out in earnest as we, one by one, have joined in Nature’s Chorus. We have marched our marches, written our initiatives, stood before officials, spoke endlessly of democracy….the list goes on and on. We care so deeply and see so clearly what must be undone and recreated. And now, stand in awe as Mother Nature, in one fell swoop bridges the abyss, rings her truth, frees the door we have so fastidiously attempted to budge.

We have not even begun to really reach the other side, slowly getting a foothold here and there. Surveying this new world with its possibilities. Nature has given us a huge time out. Time to really hear the birds, to watch Spring unfold, to be reflective, to reach out to neighbors and loved ones…to adjust to a whole different rhythm. Side by side – catastrophe next to rebirth, we face this profound moment and pray that our Mother’s voice is heard.

~ Community Rights Lane County Member