May 26th @6pm

Join Lincoln County Community Rights and Oregon Community Rights Network for an informational session about and with:

  • CELDF Attorney Lindsey Schromen-Wawren
  • Organizer Kai Huschke
  • Our arguments protecting our citizen law
  • Meaning of this decision ‘win or lose’
  • Presentation of how to navigate the court system to watch and hear the proceedings
  • What’s next?

Please RSVP for the Zoom link.

Lincoln County Community Rights’ attorneys will bring oral arguments to the Oregon Appeals Justices:

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The morning session, 9am-noon. – after opening this link,  Click on Oregon Court of Appeals in the left hand column.

Now you are on the Appeals Court live watch (or archive for watching after its completion) – Click the June 1.2021 link that will be at the top of the column to open the hearing screen.  Click on the start button to begin live streaming.  Note: the court doesn’t hear or see people on this ‘watch only’ area.  The court takes each case and begins with enough time to get the attorneys on the site between cases but can do each case in any order they please. You can turn down your volume to not listen to other cases unless you are curious!   Case #A172934, Rex Capri v Dana W. Jenkins is our case.


POST-APPEAL Zoom meeting, 6/1/21 at 6pm

LCCR and our peers statewide will hear from Dan Meek, our trial attorney and Kai Huschke, CELDF Organizer will speak to “what happened” in court, how the 3 judge panel received our arguments, and guess work as to how long before there is an opinion from the court. We will hear from Kai about the WHY we appeal, what it provides to the Community Rights work of people nation-wide,the impact on RIghts of Nature,  how interested parties can become involved with this work and the legislative work that is on-going at this time, or citizen initiatives to come.  Please join us and bring your questions!

RSVP for Zoom Details: [email protected]