Community Rights
Lane County

Who Decides? Our Communities or Big Corporations?

Is an organization formed to protect our local right to make decisions affecting our lives right here in Lane County. We focus on protecting our communities from destructive corporate practices by challenging the corporate “rights” and privileges that presently permit these activities. No matter what the specific threat is—to the food system, to social inequities, to local economies, to the environment at large—the fundamental cause is the same: Governmental structures and corporate constitutional rights/laws are rigged against the people in order to serve corporate interests, regardless of their harm to individuals, communities and the planet.

Securing the Right to say No!


Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance (FAHA) submitted a charter amendment to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County, Oregon. But it doesn’t stop there. Citizens of Lane County (and counties across Oregon) are often pre-empted from being able to protect their community.  Corporate lobby groups, such as Oregonians for Food And Shelter,  push corporate-written legislation that takes power away from the People.

  So Our Community Our Rights has submitted a charter amendment to end that corporate pre-emption in OregonA Right of Local, Community Self-Government, which will help secure the citizens right to enforce the aerial spray ban, once it’s passed.

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