Protect Our Children Our Water, and Our Rights.

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) is a public benefit organization that seeks to empower people to exercise their right to local community self-government in matters that pertain to their fundamental rights, their natural environment, their quality of life, their health and their safety.

LCCR and the counties residents have passed a citizens’ initiative to ban aerial spraying (spraying from airplane or helicopter) of pesticides* in Lincoln County, OR.


 As of 2024…


is a 501(c)3  formed in response to aerial spray threats over the Beaver Creek Watershed which provides drinking water to 5,500 homes between South Beach and the Alsea River bridge. This group blends members of LCCR with first time activists in south Lincoln County and is again intent on expanding the public awareness of timber industry activities that damage watersheds, and create risk of exposure through air, water and soil with harms to human residents, wildlife, aquatic beings, birds, amphibians in wetlands, streams, and estuaries.

Citizens for a Healthy County

Is the political committee of Lincoln County Community Rights, led the effort to ban aerial pesticide spraying in our county through Lincoln County Measure 21-177 in the May 2017 election. Your vote did make our ordinance entitled “Freedom from Aerially Sprayed Pesticides of Lincoln County” the law in our county for 29 months while the circuit court considered their decision. The measure was “preempted” by a clause added to Forest Practices Act that prevents anyone but the ‘state’ to regulate pesticides in the state of Oregon, so therefore nullified the will of the people and reinstated “legal” spraying of toxics by helicopter and ground spray.  Activitss continue to organize and protest  with a goal to outlaw use of toxic chemicals state-wide through a removal of preemption clauses in state law statutes.  

A True “right of the environment” does exist.

— Pope Francis, September, 2015


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