Greetings! It is with great excitement that we announce an important development in the Community Rights Movement.

On October 18, 2014, an historic meeting of representatives from the state Community Rights Networks (CRNs) convened in the mountains of Seven Springs, PA, to seat the Board of Directors of the National Community Rights Network (NCRN) and to advance the rights of local communities to the state and national level.

Two NCRN Board members were delegated from each of the seven state CRNs: New Hampshire (NHCRN), Pennsylvania (PACRN), Ohio (OHCRN), Colorado (COCRN), New Mexico (NMCCR), Oregon (ORCRN), and Washington (WACRN). Our Board members are engaged in Community Rights efforts locally, therefore fully comprised of powerfully seasoned and motivated individuals who are deeply committed to advancing the Community Rights Movement.

We are the National Community Rights Network!

NCRN Board members stand resolute in undertaking the work that lies ahead in partnership with our state CRN members. We acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and dedication of the state CRN co-coordinators, members, and supporters, and we look forward to allying with them in broadening their statewide efforts as we also work to advance Community Rights to the national level.

The NCRN mission is to assist our state Community Rights Networks to educate people across the country on local, community self-governance and community rights; secure the inalienable rights of all people, communities, and ecosystems through local self-governance; assert community rights to empower and liberate communities from state preemption and corporate harm; and advance those efforts toward state and federal constitutional change.

Over the next year, we will build our infrastructure, broaden CRN educational outreach, provide support to state CRNs, and begin drafting federal constitutional amendment and legislative language.

Longer term, the NCRN will educate the wider public; grow the network by adding new state CRNs to the NCRN; train organizers throughout the country; and nurture a Community Rights Movement that will democratize and humanize decision-making at every level, such that sustainable systems are legal and the rights of all people and ecosystems are protected.

NCRN Board of Directors officers are: President – Cliff Willmeng,CO; Vice-President – Cindy Kudlik, Ohio; Secretary – Eron King, OR; and Treasurer – Stacey Schmader, PA.

We are proud to be your representatives on the NCRN Board. We are excited by the development of the NCRN and the support it will bring to our state Networks. We welcome you to contact either of us about any questions or concerns you might have regarding the NCRN. Our contact information is listed below.

Attached is the press release announcing the formation of the NCRN. We encourage you to send it to your regional and local media. Thank you!

Warm regards and solidarity,

Eron King

ORCRN Board president

Lane County Oregon


Audrey Moore

ORCRN Board secretary

Josephine County Oregon