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Actually no! Well, some politicians with the aid of so called 'anti-pesticide' groups are 'daring' to ask for bigger buffer zones, for timber sprays. As if buffers will somehow protect us from toxic trespass, obviously negating the fact air has no boundaries, or the fact our state sprays our neighborhoods on a regular basis. Josephine County at least attempted an initiative to ban the worst of the worst pesticide applications, but the enemy was fierce, we were naive and garnered but 39% of the vote. Not a bad start 🙂 With helicopters due any day, along with state practices of roadside spraying, people will take notice, again. But….. to depend on buffers to protect us, is sadly yet another band-aid by those who dare not take on the real issue; which is stopping the 40 year history of known hazardous practices used by Timber, Ag and a State in love with toxic poisons.

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