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Albeit they're now showing that organic does in fact contain far less poisons, this is another gem: Who exactly determines what are "safe' levels of poison? Oregon's disgraceful Triangle Lake "Investigation" dared claim that the levels of 2,4-D and Atrazine in dozens of citizens bodies, including children, were not a health risk. Our response – BS!!!
Study after study, research project after project ALL reveal small doses once thought 'safe' have proven to be anything but. It's simple: Our bodies were never meant to contain poison at ANY levels. The problem is, small doses do not manifest into health issues until years later and the industry and those that protect it know this to be a fact. Yet cancers now epidemic. WHY???
"If you tell me what you typically eat, I can tell you how high your pesticide exposure is likely to be," said Cynthia Curl, an assistant professor in Boise State University's School of Allied Health Sciences and the lead author on this study.

Half the pesticides found in urine of people who eat organic produce, study finds
Most research comparing organic and conventional produce has focused on the nutrient content.