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Jordan Cove faces another delay

June 02, 2015 2:00 pm • CHELSEA DAVIS The World
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COOS BAY — Jordan Cove's federal environmental review has been pushed back again.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's final environmental impact statement for the LNG terminal was scheduled to be released June 12, but a new analysis of an alternate pipeline route has put everything on hold.

When FERC issued Jordan Cove's draft EIS last fall, it shot down the Blue Ridge alternative route as a viable option for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline, which would transport natural gas from Malin to Coos Bay.

FERC's stance disappointed Coos County landowners, who said the Blue Ridge route would have less of an impact on private property.

In the draft EIS, FERC noted that the original route would affect more landowners, cross more bodies of water and affect more habitat for federally listed fish species. On the other hand, the Blue Ridge route would affect nearly three times as many acres of late-successional/old-growth forest and would cross more occupied marbled murrelet stands and one additional Northern Spotted Owl home range.

But last month, the Bureau of Land Management said FERC didn't do enough to look into Blue Ridge as a possible alternate route, and called for a review.

"With the additional data requests for Blue Ridge and a few other issues, it's my understanding that FERC is going to delay publication of the final EIS," Jordan Cove public affairs director Michael Hinrichs said in an email.

A 90-day comment period follows the issuance of a final EIS, pushing a federal authorization decision deadline scheduled to late this fall or early next year at the earliest.

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