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CALL TO ACTION – Could this be around the corner for OREGON?


HR 2295 would mandate that the Secretary of the Interior create ten fracked gas utility corridors through public lands, including National Parks, in the eastern states specifically, in the next two years. The creation of the corridors and pipeline approvals through the corridors would be expedited and exempt from the National Environmental Policy Act — there would be no role for public comment, government agency review, weighing harm versus benefit, or evaluating need.

Private property near the corridors and between the corridors and the destination will become designated utility corridors by default.


1. Share this post! We need people who are constituents of members of the committee to see it and act.
2. Look at the list of representatives, below, that will be voting Thursday. If any of them are your representative, please call them and tell them to vote against HR 2295. To find out who your rep is: http://ift.tt/P3cvWa
3. Consider calling one or more of these representatives, even if they are not yours.
4. Send an email via this page http://ift.tt/1BSMLln urging the committee to vote NO on HR 2295.

Rob Bishop (chairman) UT (202) 225-0453
Don Young AK (202) 225-5765
Louis Gohmert TX (202) 225-3035
Doug Lamborn CO (202) 225-4422
Rob Wittman VA (202) 225-4261
John Fleming LA (202) 225-2777
Tom McClintock CA (202) 225-2511
Glenn "GT" Thompson PA (202) 225-5121
Cynthis Lummis WY (202) 225-2311
Dan Benishek MI (202) 225-4735
Jeff Duncan SC (202) 225-5301
Paul Gosar AZ (202) 225-2315
Raul Labrador ID (202) 225-6611
Doug LaMalfa CA (202) 225-3076
Jeff Denham CA (202) 225-4540
Paul Cook CA (202) 225-5861
Bruce Westerman AR (202) 225-3772
Garret Graves LA (202) 225-3901
Dan Newhouse WA (202) 225-5816
Ryan Zinke MT (202) 225-3211
Amata Coleman Radewagen AS (202) 225-8577
Tom MacArthur NJ (202) 225-4765
Alex Mooney WV (202) 225-2711
Cresent Hardy NV (202) 225-9894
Raul Grijalva (Ranking Member) AZ (202) 225-2435
Grace Naoplitano CA (202) 225-5256
Madeline Bordallo GU (202) 225-1188
Jim Costa CA (202) 225-3341
Gregorio Sablan CNMI (202) 225-2646
Niki Tsongas MA (202) 225-3411
Pedro Pierluisi PR (202) 225-2615
Jared Huffman CA (202) 225-5161
Raul Ruiz CA (202) 225-5330
Alan Lowenthal CA (202) 225-7924
Matt Cartwright PA (202) 225-5546
Don Beyer VA (202) 225-4376
Norma Torres CA (202) 225-6161
Debbie Dingell MI (202) 225-4071
Ruben Gallego AZ (202) 225-4065
Lois Capps CA (202) 225-3601
Jared Polis CO (202) 225-2161

This bill is just the first of what the industry hopes to push through this year in a big energy bill aimed at expediting and facilitating fracked gas infrastructure. The last big energy bill that became law was the 2005 EPAct, which gave us the Haliburton Loophole (exempting fracking chemicals from the Clean Water Act) and authorized FERC to approve pipelines (and eminent domain) for export. It is time to show our strength and nip the fracked gas industry erosion of democratic principles in the bud!


• This bill should be renamed The East Coast Land Grab Act because it will greatly accelerate the abuse of eminent domain in the East Coast by designating de-facto corridors through private property adjacent to the corridors designated on federal land
• The current regulatory process, as it is, does not evaluate whether the public benefit of projects outweighs the harm done to individuals or communities
o FERC only considers initial contracts for natural gas, not the end – use, in determining whether a pipeline is “needed” or not
o Companies can and do easily capitalize on fears about domestic energy prices to push through unneeded projects designed to export
• HR 2295 would further weaken the current FERC environmental review process by pre-empting meaningful consideration of alternatives
o Biases routes toward industry preferred routes
o Biases energy production and transmission toward new fracking infrastructure by rendering impacts to sensitive terrain and surrounding communities irrelevant through the a priori declaration of necessity rather than weighing impacts against purported need
• Expedited review with no input trivializes the extremely significant environmental and safety issues associated with this type of construction, particularly in the mountain ranges of the East Coast
• National Energy Security should start with respect for fundamental American principles and rights – including respect for private property, and due process
• For long term, real security, we need bills to advance renewable distributed energy systems, not more subsidization of fossil fuels

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