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Citizens have a right to a guaranteed voice

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“Man did not enter society to be worse off, or to have fewer rights, but rather to have those rights better secured”

― Thomas Paine

Our founding fathers objected to the tyranny imposed by the British government because they held, as did their communities, a profound conviction that their government did not represent them. Today, we face a similar situation with a dysfunctional Congress and a state government that exhibits a lack of understanding about the wants or needs of the communities they represent.

This disconnect is also reflected along the South Coast where leadership is caught between a romantic vision of the past timber industry and silver bullet solutions to boost the local economy. In an attempt to move forward, the South Coast Development Council in 2010 invited the American Institute of Architects Sustainable Design Assessment Team to help Coos County develop a vision and framework for a sustainable future. One of their conclusions stated unequivocally that Coos County residents want to have a voice in the process and hold a strong desire to control their collective destiny…

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January CRA

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Join us for our monthly Community Rights Action gathering Monday, January 26th, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at the First Methodist Church (1376 Olive St, Eugene). 

Note: CRAs are usually on the 3rd Monday of the month but we are moving it to the 26th this month to observe Martin Luther King Day. 

We’ll be discussing the Community Rights movement updates from around the country, progress toward a statewide initiative, and the current plan for our local ordinances. Come learn more about what we are doing and get involved!

We hope to see you there!

Com Rt.s Action poster Jan 2015

Lane County Clerk and Judge Act As Gatekeepers of People’s Right to the Initiative Process


Contact information:
Rob Dickinson – (541) 543-5735
Ann Kneeland, Esq. – (541) 514-9720
Support Local Food Rights
Phone: (541) 272-6234


On October 6, Lane County Circuit Court Judge Charles Carlson issued a decision upholding County Clerk Cheryl Betschart’s determination that the Local Food System Ordinance of Lane County failed to meet pre-election requirements. The decision is a victory for the corporations that profit from GMO agriculture in Lane County and for GMO farmer John Reerslev, who intervened in the matter. It is a setback for local farmers, food-related businesses and residents alike who are personally and economically invested in local agricultural products – both organic and conventional. However, initiative supporters are undeterred; they are already planning next steps for their efforts to protect the Lane County local food system.