Celebrating Earth Day With A Hike x3!

Community Rights groups in Oregon and across the US seek to protect ecosystems’ balance and health through challenging human-made laws that legalize industrial abuses that destabilize or harm the well-being of Nature. This guided experience is available by donation and gratefully received to enable ORCRN and local chapters to continue our work of ‘speaking for those without a voice’ and building community networks.

Meanwhile, ORCRN and the chapters in Oregon are extending Earth Day to a three month process of honoring Earth, Nature’s wisdom and balanced ecosystems, and welcome you to join us in ‘falling in love’ with her, learning more about how she operates, how natural environs help us de-stress, calm ourselves, and feel enlivened by spending time communing whether it’s your home garden, a lake or stream, forest or ocean beaches.  Let’s learn more about where and how we humans fit harmoniously into the family of living beings whose home is Earth!

We began with a panel presentation and discussion on Wednesday April 6, 2022, 6pm via zoom (Webinar Wednesday).  Carol Van Strum, our elder, mentor and wise woman and Andrew Collins-Anderson of Coast Range Association will join us to explore the non-monetary value of mature forest, and reveal what may be news to some about how the forest, rivers, wildlife and plant life work in a balanced way to keep our growing population supplied with clear, cold abundant drinking water, fertile soil, and clean air. zoom link embedded?   In this zoom call you’ll hear from Douglas County, Lincoln County and Lane County chapters who are inviting  you to experience unique forest areas:

Douglas County: April 23 |  Lincoln County: May 21 |  Lane County: June 25, 2022

These guided outings are available for free, though we gladly accept donations and are gratefully received to enable Oregon Community Rights Network (ORCRN) and local chapters to continue our work of ‘speaking for those without a voice’ and building strong community networks.

Please register for the hike so we know how many participants we’ll have. After registration, you will receive email contact from host group for questions/details.

Douglas County Hike

Sponsored by Douglas County Community Rights

This park, and the Fern Woods Trail specifically, is home to a wide variety of trees including Oak and Douglas Fir, and a history that goes back hundreds of years. Please join our knowledgeable guide, Mike Burke, for a tour of this rare piece of Oregon forest untouched by Wall Street timber interests … for now.

WHEN: April 23rd, 10am – noon

WHERE: Fern Woods Trail at Mildred Kanipe Park

  • Located 8 miles northeast of Oakland, Oregon at 16513 Elkhead Road

Guide: Mike Burke, U.S. Forest Service, retired

Hiking Level: Moderate (well-kept trail with some elevated areas)

More information: https://www.mildredkanipepark.org/atthepark.htm

Fern Woods Trail:

Parking and restrooms available


Lincoln County Hike

Sponsored by Lincoln County Community Right

WHEN: May 21st, 10am – noon

WHERE: Gwynn Creek Coastal Woodland Walk.

Guides: Dee and David Tvedt, Experienced hikers / members of CRLC

Step One: Meet-up at Cape Perpetua Visitor’s Center for orientation.

  • Restrooms available at the Visitor’s Center. Please plan to carry out any used TP in a zip lock bag while on the trail.
  • Parking: Day Use pass may be purchased online and left in your car. Do Not leave valuable visible in parked cars

Step Two: We then carpool to Neptune North Parking area.

  • No parking pass needed at Neptune but available parking is limited.

Map and Trail Info:


Trail Conditions and what to bring: 

Many small streams pass under the single file trail and are muddy after rainfall. Boots with good traction soles, walking stick/poles helpful, water bottle, snacks, and clothing layers useful for warmth or cooling, a back pack for extra items.  The coast can be foggy and cool, or rain present. Cameras, something dry to sit upon may be useful.

Hike Options

Novice – Limited distance walk with a Guide on trails through spruce stand, botanical exploration of under-story, learn more about woodland streams, fish habitat, geared for persons with limited stamina or lower fitness levels.


Experienced – Gwynn Creek trail 1.5 to 2 miles inland with guides to learn about stream habitat, wildlife presence, birds, understory, and role of mature trees of diverse types. Change in elevation provides more strenuous work-out.

Lane County Hike

Sponsored by Lane County Community Rights


WHERE: McGowan Creek Old-Growth Forest.

  • OR 126 E approx. 30 minute drive from Eugene.

Guides: Dee and David Tvedt, experienced hikers and members of CRLC

Meet at (a designated location), where participants will choose to either carpool, wearing masks in the cars if desired, or drive separately to the trailhead by following the lead car in the caravan.

What to bring: Solid footwear and several layers of upper body clothing to accommodate changing weather conditions. If there is chance of rain, bringing rain gear is essential.

There are no readily available restrooms. Participants should be prepared to “pee in the woods” if needed (please do not leave toilet paper behind – bring a trash bag and take it with you).




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Hike Options

LEVEL 1: hiking along a closed paved road about 1/3rd of a mile to a trail system developed by the Eugene Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Some of these trails can have a bit of steepness to them, but many of them are level.  If you can walk the road, you can enjoy the beautiful old-growth forest!

LEVEL 2: More challenging: hiking off-trail along McGowan Creek. This is the route that has been taken for the many PIELC hikes (UO Law Conference). This is a very scenic route that ends on the developed BLM trails.