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CHAMBER STAFF 541-672-2648
Debbie Fromdahl, ext. 12
President & CEO Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce who fully supports and has publicly stated that the Pipeline and Jordon Cove are good for business . . . screw the planet! Call her to let her know how you are feeling about the Chamber's support of these projects. Please, please be respectful and reverent about our work. We are not in this to take on the characteristics and values of the oppressor . . . keep that in mind. Just voice your opinion about the boycott that is about to get into full swing of Chamber businesses.

It seems the Chamber has now removed their Director's meeting from their January Calendar . . . however, the First Citizen's banquet is on the 21st? Shall we move the rally??? Shall we buy a table and attend with our protest signs and shirts? What do you think? WE THINK WE NEED TO DO ALL OF THIS!!! Who's in? 😉 POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE AND LET US KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS.