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Community Right Lane County  stands in unified support with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and the many tribes represented in North Dakota in their on-going stance to protect the water and cultural sites in North  Dakota.

“We believe that Standing Rock is a stark example of the perilous situation in our country as a whole. Multi-national corporations that are militarized by our government, seek to overpower and silence peaceful human beings—historically some of the most disenfranchised—in order to advance unsustainable and toxic, fossil fuel infrastructure, that threatens to contaminate life-sustaining water.”
—Ann Kneeland, Community Rights Lane County

We support:
1. The rights of the Standing Rock and all First Nations people to clean water, soil, and air.
2. Protection from toxic threat.
3. Sustainability: The right of Nature to live and flourish.
4. The uncontested right to sacred sites, without threat of harm or disturbance to The People’s cultural past, present and future.
5. The right to peaceful protest, free from physical threat.

Furthermore, we see the large numbers of poorly trained military-style contractors and police as a threat to peace in North Dakota and everywhere. We demand a halt of aggressive militarization and construction in the area of the DAPL and the beginning of mediations to diffuse an extremely volatile situation.

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