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Feb. 18th = 12:30pm and 6:00pm
Mar. 18th = 12:30pm and 6:00pm

Corporate power and privilege is on the increase in Oregon. State government actions against corporate power and privilege are either non-existent, not going far enough, or not moving fast enough. Oregon communities – people and their local elected representatives – need and deserve more recognized authority to contend with everything from development to housing access to environmental degradation to wage inequality to civil rights protections. The Community Rights Amendment to the Oregon constitution provides the shift in decision making needed to advocate more fully on behalf of local people, communities, and the environment.

30-minute information: 

  • Brief history of how the idea of community rights/community rights amendment came to be
  • Short form of what the amendment is and how it works
  • Highlighting the amendment language
  • How the amendment would address community issues
  • Q+A and discussion
  • Amendment status and next steps