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Rebecca Leblanc

I haven been on FB much as I am once again sick from the wells. Lab work came back again more abnormal than previously and now I'm reading that the earthquakes around Oklahoma ,Texas , and Colorado are increasing as the industry continually drills away. This has to be stopped. People have to take a stand and say enough. Even with the gas prices dropping so low, it has not been enough to slow them down. People are going to continue to become ill and die and the earth is going to continue to crack open like and egg unless this stops. This is my third day with nose bleeds, headaches, chest pain, and feeling like crap. I will call my doctor to see if I can get in earlier and go over my complete blood count where the white blood cells are once again through the roof. Luckily my metabolic profile is normal and hasn't been affected yet so my body is holding up. The cases of leukemia, breast cancer, endocrine disorders, brain tumors, sinus and respiratory infections, pneumonia, etc, etc, have to stop. Enough is enough! This should not be what is left for our children and grandchildren.