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DECEMBER 30, 2014 – In today's news . . .

We are looking for a brick. Rather than try to find a brick wall every time we need to bang our heads in frustration, we thought it would just be easier to have a brick handy so we could hit ourselves upside the head.

"Though the [oil & gas] industry has longed ignored the dangers of so-called gas "flaring"—in which excess methane is simply burned off during oil and gas drilling or processing—environmenalists and climate scientists have long been sounding the alarm about methane's impact when it comes to global warming and other ecological hazards. And though natural gas has been heralded as a cleaner alternative to coal, numerous studies have shown that though gas burns cleaner than coal, the ability of gas to escape during extraction and transportation, the cumulative greenhouse impact could be equal or worse than coal." PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN . . . AND AGAIN until you get it.

When will we say ENOUGH?!

A 2,500 Square-Mile Methane Plume Is Silently Hovering over Western US
A monstrous cloud of accumulated methane—a potent greenhouse gas—is now hovering over a large portion of the western United States according to satellite imagery analyzed by NASA and reported by the Washington Post.