On January 6th the US Capitol was invaded in the name of democracy. On January 6th and every day since, that invasion has been denounced as having been a threat to democracy in America. Democracy has been used time and time again to declare war, violently extinguish slave revolts, justify civil rights movements, propel the growth of corporate control, and resist oppressive governmental actions. This has been life in the United States since its inception. So ultimately who is being served by American Democracy and who is being steamrolled in the name of democracy? 

Wednesday, February 3rd @ 5:30pm to 7:00pm PST

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Join us as we explore questions/topics like:
  • What is democracy?
  • Do we want it?
  • Is the United States a democracy?
  • Has it ever been a democracy? 
  • Democracy movements in history and current times – in the US and elsewhere


Presentation and Q&A with: Camilla Vergara – Is a critical legal theorist, historian, journalist, and public intellectual from Chile writing on the relation between inequality, corruption, and domination. She is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar at the Eric H. Holder Jr. Initiative for Civil and Political Rights at Columbia University Law School, and author of Systemic Corruption. Constitutional Ideas for an Anti-Oligarchic Republic (Princeton University Press 2020). She is also currently advising local councils in Chile to participate in the ongoing constituent process, and her current affairs essays have appeared in Jacobin Magazine, the Boston Review and Sidecar, the new online publication from the New Left Review.