Donating Today
for a Better Tomorrow…

Thank you for believing in the
power of your community!

Ways to support the ORCRN:

One Time Donation – So you just won the lottery? Sure, we’ll gladly accept $1 million dollars. But seriously, please give whatever you can to support the ORCRN.

Sustaining Contributor – They say money makes the world go round. Maybe so but we also believe effort and commitment play a big part. Being a regular contributor, let it be $10 or $50 a month, really keeps our operations + special projects humming along. 

Estate planning – The end of life doesn’t need to be the end of giving back to life. If you or someone you know is making end of life plans, please consider a gift to the ORCRN. 

Donating today is a vote for
Community Rights over Corporate Rights.

What do you get when you combine dedicated volunteers, a plan, and donations from people like you?
A whole mess of trouble for those entities that have been denying people, communities, and ecosystems the health and safety they deserve. The ORCRN has been hard at for over ten years now, and we have much more to do over the next ten years. Your ability to provide financial support provides us the ability to engage with other people, organizations, and communities to further educate Oregonians about our system of laws and governance and catalyze and support actions that focus on making the necessary and deep changes to the system. 

Your donations, which are tax-deductible, matter and the ORCRN thanks you for that.

Send Checks to…

PO Box 46
Tenmile, OR 97481

Our communities deserve a rights-based government, one that recognizes our right of local community self-government. A government that protects the health, safety, and welfare of people, communities, and nature and places corporations under our control.