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If you received a card in the mail from Sever and Storey concerning meetings coming up this weekend there are a couple of things you should know.

A Douglas Co. landowner called the company and when pressed as to why no Douglas Co. meeting was scheduled, the Company representative stated that they only scheduled meeting in places that were easy to fly into. Does this sound like someone who has your best interest at heart?

Also despite what they say on the card, as far as we know, Williams is not initiating the land acquisition process, unless you count that ill-fated option program they tried over a year ago that was a dismal failure. Is this an attempt to frighten landowners into signing up with their law firm? Pretty shoddy practices if it is.

For those who may be tempted into signing up with this group, Landowners United would like to recommend you attend one of the meetings, gather information, but don’t commit to anything as of yet. LU is looking into options for legal representation, and will let land owners know more when we can.

The pipeline has a long way to go, don’t be stampeded, the pipeline is not a done deal yet, there is still time to make an informed decision.

Don’t forget to send comments to:
FERC’s draft Environmental Impact Statement by February 12, 2015
Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality on water quality issues by March 13, 2015
Oregon Dept. of Lands on effects of the Costal Zone Management Area by March 13, 2015