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Hmmmm . . . good question? Who's paying for the opposition to the State of Oregon Initiative process? Could it be, Oregon LNG? Veresen, Inc., Williams Company? We think maybe so . . . come out come out whoever you are!!!


Clean Columbia County

Today, the challenge to the Sustainable Energy Future was heard in Judge Grove's courtroom. The challengers, Alta Lynch and Ron Bodell, were represented by the heavy-hitter law firm Davis, Wright, Tremaine. County council, Sara Hanson and community rights attorney Anne Kneeland, defended the efficacy of the ballot initiative.It all comes down to this: Do the citizens of a county have the right to present an idea to fellow citizens directly or, should the county clerk decide what should, or shouldn't, be allowed for vote? We are biased, but we think Anne Kneeland hit it out of the ballpark saying, in effect, the people who want to stop this initiative really want to stop Oregon's initiative process, period. After all, why do those pesky voters think they should have any say in shaping their future?Wouldn't you like to know how Lynch and Bodell are paying for this expensive, out of county attorney? We know the backers of the initiative are paying for their attorney by fund raising. Would you like to help? To learn more and to donate, click here: http://ift.tt/1IsFRZ2 isn't about agreeing or disagreeing with the subject of the initiative. It is about whether We The People have a right to vote.Judge Grove expects to render his decision within two weeks. Stay tuned!