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Hold onto your hats; Industry Speaks!!!
Well, to be exact they tell more lies. If only they had the wherewithal to provide us with the peer reviewed 'scientific studies' to back up this claims. Yet…. they know full well our Supreme Court banned 2,4,5-T in the 80's due to it's hazardous threat, while it's brother 2,4-D, an equal threat and known carcinogen continues to be sprayed throughout our state, along with a host of other hazardous poisons— ALL posing a threat to the health of our air, water, soil and bodies. Does Oregon care? Apparently NOT— just review their pathetic chemical trespass investigations from Alsea/5 Rivers, to Triangle Lake to Cedar Valley.
Poisoned citizens appear to be nothing more than collateral damage.
Than again the book A Bitter Fog speaks of Oregon's insidious history of chemical trespass and NO they are NOT safe and have NEVER been proven safe, EVER!

Use of herbicides in forests is strictly regulated already: Guest opinion
By Kristina McNitt For many Oregonians, forestry raises up an image of black-and-white photos of logging pioneers that line the walls of our state's museums. It's part of our rich history that we celebrate. But that image is becoming increasingly…