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"If Democrats at both the national and state level intend to support the natural gas industry for many decades to come, then the Earth cannot be saved from its destruction at the hands of global warming.

All indications are that this is the case. Hundreds of billions of dollars in natural gas infrastructure are being built with the blessing and even encouragement of Democrats. The State Department, thanks to Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, has created a fully staffed department charged with promoting natural gas development throughout the world as a means of spreading U.S. influence while simultaneously attempting to diminish the influence of Russia.
These are not actions taken and investments made in something that is truly considered only a bridge fuel.

As for drilling and fracking safely, Colorado is touted as the poster child for strong regulations on the industry, and as this paper has been reporting for several years now, there is virtually no oversight of the oil and gas industry in Colorado. If it is worse in other places, God help us. With so much momentum having been built for natural gas among funding institutions, environmental groups and elected Democrats, the question is: Can the model be turned in time or at all? Beyond Coal 10 years ago meant natural gas, but the research of the last few years has shown that to be a false path forward in the fight against global warming.

There is hope. Many environmental organizations are changing their words if not yet their actions. Concern over fracking and shale oil and gas production have entered the debate. A few funders like the Tides, Schmidt and Park foundations are now supporting research that questions natural gas’s plausibility as a bridge fuel and they have even funded grassroots anti-fracking efforts.

What has been learned over the last two months is that a powerful grassroots movement aimed at local control over drilling and fracking is more powerful than the Democratic Party and its wealthy controllers. Citizens have also learned that if they want real democratic change, they will have to do it without the support of the current incarnation of the Democratic Party or the national environmental groups.

If something more than an industry friendly compromise is the goal, then it will have to be accomplished at the ballot box without the involvement of those groups.

So will Colorado once again become the model for the nation? Will the activist base reject the pro-oil and -gas Democratic Party that has been cobbled together out of political necessity by a handful of wealthy donors and their consultants who think that Democrats beating Republicans is more important than clean air, clean water and the very future for our children?

Time will tell."