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2016 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

“A Legacy Worth Leaving” is a response to the drastic need of daily, direct action of individuals in their communities. Cohesive leadership models piel.Owlmust acknowledge that individual participation directs society’s impact on interdependent community and global systems. Diversity of cultures, talents, and specialties must converge to guide community initiatives in a balanced system. Each has a unique role that can no longer be hindered by the complacent passive-participation models of traditional leadership schemes. Building community means being community.


Join Oregon Community Rights Network on Saturday March 5th  for this panel….

Following Nature’s Lead for Civil Disobedience: Building a New Direct Action Movement Community by Community (LAW 142) 2:20 – 3:35

As nature goes on the offense with ever increasing catastrophic climatic events, our activism stays stuck in the 1970s. Our organizing has refused to confront a structure of law that protects environmentally destructive corporate behavior.This panel is about the growing Community Rights movement and how communities are “occupying the law” to dismantle the corporate state, legalize sustainability and secure nature’s rights, and the convergence of community rights with direct action aimed at physically stopping harmful corporate projects.

Kai Huschke, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Organizer
Rob Dickinson, Organizer, Oregonians for Community Rights
Mary Grace Hickok, Organizer, Cascadia Forest Defenders

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