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Sunday March 6th (panel 11)

Banning Aerial Herbicide Spraying: Time to End this Unjust and Toxic Assault on Our Communities and Environment

(LAW 242) 10:35am – 11:50am
Over forty years, Oregonians have fought back against unjust corporate aerial spraying of toxic herbicides drifting onto adjacent properties that severely impacts the health of families, livestock, food crops, wildlife and watersheds. Despite tireless efforts, within the regulatory and legislative process, little has changed while chemical trespass continues unabated with few protections. Panelists will address the Community Bill of Rights vs. conventional legislative process, the risks to forest ecology, why timber companies get away with this practice and our new initiative to ban aerial spraying here in Lane County.

Roy Keene, Forest Consultant and Private Timber Broker
Eron King, Co-Founding Organizer, Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance
Tao Orion, Permaculturist Teacher and Consultant
Rob Dickinson, Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance Organizer

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