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Community Rights Lane County educates citizens about our rights to local community governance. We believe decisions affecting communities must be made by community residents – the people affected by these decisions and laws. We believe corporate structures should not have privileges that elevate corporate interests above community rights.
We support rights-based initiative efforts in Lane County.

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  • Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance
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Lane County Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of RightsTrees_Circle

***UPDATE: We have successfully submitted enough signatures to have the Freedom from Aerial Spraying of Herbicides Bill of Rights on the May 2018 ballot. However the County Council has ruled that we don’t comply with the Single-Vote rule. The judge has ruled against us and we are now going to appeal. Please stay tuned as this fight is not over!!

The Right to Farm and Forest Act shields timber companies against liability for the harm they cause as long as they are following what are “generally accepted practices”, including the aerial spraying of herbicides near populated areas. Because of this Act, Oregonians have no legal recourse to sue timber companies, or the State, for the impact on the health of community members or damage to their property.

To combat this ongoing practice by timber companies, the Freedom from Aerial Herbicides Alliance has drafted a Community Rights-based charter amendment to ban the aerial spraying of herbicides in Lane County, Oregon.

Our Community Our Rights 

****UPDATE: We have successfully collected enough signatures and are waiting to turn them in for the November 2018 ballot. Stay tuned, as the ruling on the aerial spray ban may affect this one!

Although we assert that our right of local, community self-government is a fundamental and inherent right of the people, corporations have established a structure of state and federal law and a history of legal precedents that block communities from exercising this right. An amendment to the Lane County charter is needed to secure the rights of local communities to write more protective, local laws that establish fundamental rights for individuals, their communities and nature. The Right of Local Community Self- Government will secure those rights by banning certain activities, and to curtail rights claimed by corporations that would interfere with these newly established rights.

Tune in, get involved, check out OCOR for volunteer opportunists!