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On August 23rd Lane County attorney and Community Rights activist Ann Kneeland sent a letter to Lane County officials informing them that the initiative change proposal would violate both Oregon and federal constitutional rights and that the county can expect a lawsuit if the proposal is adopted into law.

The letter makes it known that adopting such changes would not only violate Federal free speech rights and Oregon state initiative rights, but that procedurally any issues regarding “matters of county concern” can only be addressed after an initiative is voted in by the people. 

Not only has a Lane County judge upheld that opinion but the county’s own attorney made that argument in court, asserting that “matters of county concern” are addressed only after an initiative becomes law.
Ms. Kneeland’s legal letter is being supported by separate letters submitted to the county by national community and civil rights law firms the CommunityEnvironmental Legal Defense Fund and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Let’s Keep Applying the Pressure

The County Commissioners are still considering doing the bidding of timber corporations to place a chokehold on the democratic rights of the people of Lane County by granting themselves de facto veto power over citizen initiatives. 

Let’s keep applying the pressure on the Commissioners to drop this bad idea, show your support by signing the Open Letter to the Lane County Commissioners today! You don’t need to live in Lane County to sign!

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