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I was a lawyer in Texas and sometimes represented people whose property was taken by pipeline companies using the power of eminent domain.

A pipeline company typically takes a narrow strip of land — say 50 feet wide, like the Jordan Cove 36-inch pipeline. If your farm is 500 feet wide, the pipeline company is taking about 0.6 acres. If your farm is worth $10,000 per acre, the pipeline company might therefore pay you $6,000 for your property and the right to move flammable natural gas under that land, although it can be expected to have a lower opinion of the value of your farm than you do.

You have received next to nothing for the pipeline’s intrusion and you now have a 36-inch-wide, 500-foot-long natural gas bomb next to your remaining property. The bomb will adjoin your neighbor’s property as well, and she will receive nothing from the pipeline company. Take heart: According to Wikipedia there have been “only” 855 “serious incidents” involving gas pipelines in the last 20 years.

David Beale, Medford