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One could say a good response to a WTF moment is—consider the source.
This article is a perfect case in point. The source of this piece none other than the president no less of Oregon Forest Industries Council. Bias anyone?
It's hard to fathom with Oregon's 40 year history of chemical trespass that we're still seeing such a piece. Yet…time in no way has negated our continuing to see such propaganda with blatantly false and misleading statements regarding the 'safety' of chemicals designed to kill, being used within residential neighborhoods of Oregon. “Forestry herbicides — the same as you might use on your lawn or in your garden — are applied with science-based criteria depending on the type of compound.” — FALSE: Aside from the fact most are not available in your common garden center, such as Atrazine, there are ZERO peer reviewed safety studies on 98.9% of the hazardous chemicals commonly used in today’s society, in particular those used by the timber industry. Atrazine alone has been proven to have risks so detrimental it should be banned. And guess what — the EU has not allowed it since 2003.
The other fact always left out of these fluffy posts regarding the ‘viability’ of hazardous chemicals, used where people live, is Oregon's rich history of chemical trespass and abuse. Books such as A Bitter Fog and Poison Spring indicate there is plenty of proof the toxic poisons used by the timber industry alone, are and have been harming not just the people of this state for years but our ENTIRE ecosystem.
FACT: Because the EPA ‘allows’ these poisons to be used in NO WAY indicates they are safe, or have ever been tested for safety…. The ‘system’ is set up so that the chemical companies themselves ‘test’ their products. As in, the fox guarding the hen house. If any so called testing is done, the chemical companies use their own scientists, or hire one for a hefty fee to provide the necessary ‘study’ to pass the ‘test’. Viola’ another toxic poison hits the streets. Many such bogus 'reports' have proven to be 'fixed' and labs shut down. Both Poison Spring and A Bitter Fog reveal this insidious history and reality of the toxic world in which we live.
Then again, profits and jobs have always trumped logic, common sense, precaution or in this case real science being swept under the carpet, regarding the poisons used by this state and its blatant disregard for the health of our air, water soil or bodies.

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