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Other than reports seldom heard in 'prime time' what we do know is that pesticides and toxic chemicals are harming all life on earth.
Our babies, children and the elderly are simply the most vulnerable.There have been ample peer reviewed studies to back this up, for years!!!

"What is clear: As environmental exposures have risen, so have the rates of autism, ADHD, childhood cancer, depression, anxiety, early puberty, and obesity. In 2014, Dr. Landrigan and Phillippe Grandjean, M.D., an adjunct professor of environmental health at the Harvard School of Public Health, published a paper in the journal The Lancet calling the effects on children’s cognitive development a “silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity.”
“For 80 percent of chemicals in commercial use today, we have no information on the potential toxicity to babies in the womb or to infants and small children,” says Dr. Landrigan. “We’re flying without radar.”

How Toxins Are Changing Childhood
The number of (largely untested) toxins in our environment is on the rise, as are the rates of autism, cancer, and other health problems affecting kids.