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PASSING THE WORD ALONG . . . .if you are so inclined to help out on this! We have got to get the Governor to take a stand . . . Everyone is passing the buck that requires a vote for their job!!!


Urge her to tell FERC that Oregon LNG is not compliant with county and state laws, including the Coastal Zone Management Act. Several NO LNGers were surprised to receive this letter from Governor Brown, shown below. The Governor has more power and authority than she is stating in the letter. It's up to us to remind her that her constituents know she can say NO to LNG.

FERC cannot approve an LNG license unless the state determines the project is consistent with the Coastal Zone Management Act. Oregon’s coastal plan states that a project must comply with county land use laws. LUBA's decision clearly states the proposal does not comply with Clatsop County's land use laws. Therefore, Oregon must reject the project.

The Governor has the authority and the responsibility to notify the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that the project violates Oregon’s management plan under the Coastal Zone Management Act and to direct the State of Oregon agencies reviewing this proposal to cease any reviews and processing of State permits for OLNG.

Contact Governor Brown at http://ift.tt/1cnY9Qo.


Dear YOU!

Thank you for contacting the office of Oregon Governor Kate Brown. She appreciates hearing from you.

Because a proposed liquified natural gas project in Warrenton is a federal issue, the Governor has no jurisdiction over this matter. We encourage you to contact your federal elected representatives to share your concerns with them. We have included contact information for our U.S. Senators here, and you can find your U.S. Representative by entering your address at http://ift.tt/1c74Mpp.

Sen. Jeffrey A. Merkley
Phone: 503-326-3386
Web: http://ift.tt/1c74Mps
Sen. Ron Wyden
Phone: 503-326-7525
Web: http://ift.tt/1c74NKb


Constituent Services Team
Office of Oregon Governor Kate Brown

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