Crushing Local Democracy. 

Over the last three decades big corporations have managed to use the power of state preemption to override, deny, and even crush local democracy. Better known as “ceiling” preemption state legislatures, on behalf of corporate interests, have been rapidly adopting laws in the areas of public health, agriculture, energy production, forestry, workers rights, housing access, gentrification, civil rights, and communications that severely undermine or outright deny communities from stopping or pushing back against these actions that violate health, safety, and welfare.

Join the ORCRN as we host an evening with experts on state preemption: Where did state preemption come from, trends and impacts on communities, and what can be done to turn the tide in favor of local democracy. The event will be informative and engaging through presentations, facilitated discussion, and questions from attendees.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 18th

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Professor Jennifer Pomeranz is a public health lawyer who researches policy and legal options to address the food environment, obesity, products that cause public harm, and social injustice that lead to health disparities.
Professor Pomeranz couldn’t make our panel, so she put together this presentation for us. Enjoy!

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