Press Releases

Press Release 03.19.2020:
Jordon Cove Approval Disappointing but Predictable

This morning it was announced that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove Export Terminal. The delayed decision came after the commission voted in February to give further consideration to concerns of Oregon state regulators. FERC routinely approves permits for harmful and non-sustainable gas and oil pipeline applications because regulatory agencies are designed to issue rather than deny permits.

Press Release 10.2.2019:
Corporate Timber Privileges Override

Right of Local Self-Government in Lincoln County

For over two years aerial spraying has been banned in Lincoln County after voters adopted Measure 21-177 in May 2017. On September 23rd circuit court Judge Sheryl Bachart issued her ruling in the case of Rex Capri and Wakefield Farms, LLC vs. Dana W. Jenkins and Lincoln County making the determination that the local ban exceeded the authority of the local government based on state preemption of pesticide use.

Press Release 2.9.2017:
Big Oil and Gas Threaten Community Self-Determination with New State Preemption Legislation

Oregon HB 2480 would expressly preempt local governments from any authority over the transportation or storage of fossil fuels.Legislation That is Part of a Pattern of States Denying Local Democratic Rights.