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Realistically little to nothing will change, if at all. The reality is the EPA does not function to protect us, the people or the environment. Their primary function is to keep the revenue and commerce of the chemical cartel flowing. If not then why is glyphosate, 2,4-D (1/2 of Agent Orange) and Atrazine still is use throughout this country and ON OUR FOOD???
"According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 25% of the chemicals in consumer products have been fully screened for health effects.
Why then, is the Federal law they administer to regulate these chemicals still stuck in 1976?"

Untested chemicals are everywhere, thanks to a 39-year-old US law. Will the Senate finally act?
Many chemicals that are restricted or banned in Europe remain in use – and in some cases, untested – in the US, thanks to federal regulations that haven’t been updated since 1976. A new bill to overhaul the law is expected this spring