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Benton County will be voting on a community rights modeled GMO ban in May 2015! This ordinance is almost identical to the Local Food System Ordinance of Lane County, elevating our communities right to say NO to corporate harms. However, Judge Carlson decided Lane citizens should not have the right to vote… violating citizens ability (right) to move forward (and vote on) a citizens initiative!
Congratulations Benton County!!! Lane County isn't far behind!

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BENTON COUNTY, OREGON group, Benton Food Freedom, moves forward with a citizen-led initiative called the Local Food System Ordinance to prohibit GMO crop cultivation. GMO prohibition supporters have gathered 3,078 signatures. Benton County Supervisor of Elections Jeff Doty confirmed that the measure will appear on the May ballot. He said the group had enough signatures to “easily qualify,” and the measure is now awaiting a number.

“The basic scenario is that communities are caught in a situation now where they are being kept out of big decisions,” said Kai Huschke, community organizer for Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. The legal argument for Benton’s ban would look something like this: Local governments have a constitutional right to create laws with tighter restrictions than what’s mandated at the state or federal levels. “This is a proposition for the people of Benton County, not the state or corporations.”

Essential Points of the Local Food Ordinance:
1. Legalizes Local Food System for present and future food security.
2. Protects locally grown Heritage seed from contamination by GMO and other patented technologies.
3. Gives Rights to Natural Communities necessary for Local Food System health and well being.
4. Gives Rights to Benton County residents over those claimed by Corporations, patent holders and the State regarding a GMO free Local Food system.

WE HAVE THE RIGHT to tell the Monsanto’s of the world to take a hike. It’s as simple as that.

READ and watch the video: http://ift.tt/1vb2NTa

Video of signatures delivery: http://ift.tt/17c5cIW

LEARN more at Benton County Community Rights Coalition: http://bentonccrc.org/

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