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The author is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Community Rights Network (NCRN), which has grown out of the grassroots organizing of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF).

“More drilling permits, more pollution, more deforestation, more property value loss, more explosions, more damaged streams, more cancer, more asthma, more birth defects, more neurological disease, more harm."
"it's not fracking that's the crisis–it's the system of laws that privilege the wealthy and the corporatized that creates us not as citizens but as subjects–not as rights-bearing members of communities, but as labor, as consumer– as disposable."

THE WRENCH: Citizens are not Subjects, Reform is not Revolution: A Letter to My Friends in the…
Philosopher by profession, writer by compulsion, activist by conscience. I teach in the great tradition of Socrates' unapologetic corruption of youth. I run long distance. I care deeply for the ecologies we're destroying, their plants and animals, their endless wonder. I photo-document what's coming…