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We Will Not Be Silent: @[449165515132863:274:Wenonah Hauter], author of Foodopoly and Executive Director of @[50982313030:274:Food & Water Watch] (foodandwaterwatch.org), signs on to #BXE Actions Against #FERC letter.

Join us for our Spring Week of Action: bit.ly/BXEMAY

…We need people like you and me to take action to stop disastrous fossil fuel expansion–more fracking, more gas pipelines, export terminals and other extreme energy projects. That is why we support Beyond Extreme Energy’s (BXE) mass action at FERC, where BXE will promote a pathway for FERC to transform into a leading institution that can support the shift from fossil fuels—oil, coal and gas—to wind, solar and other renewables…

Read the Letter: http://bit.ly/NotSilentBXE

See who's signing on for this critical escalation guided by front-line communities from across the country!

@[139041866210120:274:Food & Water Watch – Pennsylvania] @[463685016998120:274:Food & Water Watch – Michigan] @[147421988744694:274:Food & Water Watch – Washington] @[156070884432429:274:Food & Water Watch, New Jersey] @[533172956734108:274:Food & Water Watch – New York] @[210223749105807:274:Food & Water Watch – California] @[231478256975363:274:Food & Water Watch – Florida] @[225571147570347:274:Food and Water Watch – Illinois] @[318333954855692:274:Food & Water Watch Maryland] @[458516637526511:274:Food and Water Watch – Iowa] @[158365320974705:274:Food & Water Watch Colorado] @[425307174147919:274:Food & Water Watch – Maine] @[104249968880:274:Food and Water Watch] @[373477686082380:274:Food & Water Watch – Connecticut] @[118097195026279:274:Food & Water Watch Fort Collins] @[420133631400959:274:Food & Water Watch – Oregon] @[467293969950088:274:Food and Water Watch- New Mexico] @[321269814602664:274:Food & Water Watch North Carolina] — with Matt Ohloff and 3 others.