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Tomorrow (Weds) @ 10.30 a judge will make the ruling whether to allow Our Family Farms Coalition to intervene in the lawsuit Monsanto et al has brought against the 66% vote by the people. We hope to pack the courthouse. Bring photo ID for entry. More on lawsuit: http://ift.tt/1C043yx

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The first Federal Court hearing that will decide whether or not OFFC is allowed to defend the legality of Measure 15-119 will be this Wednesday. Our legal arguments have been filed, and the lawyers hired by Monsanto and Syngenta will be there arguing that OFFC has no right to defend 15-119. This is obviously a very important hearing, and we hope you can attend.

A PHOTO ID and a metal detector screening will be required for entry.

Time: Wednesday, February 4th at 10:30 a.m.
Place: James A Redden Federal Courthouse, 310 W 6th St. in Medford (corner of N. Holly)

Please remember this is Federal court, and we encourage everyone who attends to wear their Sunday best. We hope to see you there.

Our Family Farms Coalition