Turmoil in Lane County Again

The Lane County Commissioners are trying to usurp Lane County’s Right to Direct Democracy! Add your signature by August 30th and they’ll deliver the letter below during the September 13th public meeting.


This letter is in response to your consideration of changes to the initiative process that would empower you to become the gatekeepers of the people’s right to direct democracy through the initiative process. Your proposed action would give you the power to deny the people of Lane County our constitutional right to propose laws to the voters and goes against the very reason the initiative process was adopted in the first place.

The people of this county can not afford to sacrifice our one remaining access to direct democracy! 

Please stop any and all actions that would change the initiative process to empower yourselves to decide which initiatives can be voted on by the people of Lane County. Voting on citizen-written laws is our constitutionally-protected right free from government interference.


Add your signature!
You don’t have to be a Lane County resident, you just have to care about our Democracy!