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Very interesting, in that Oregon has been knowingly exposing citizens to toxic chemical trespass for well over 40 years; via the timber industry, Ag, ODOT, Public Works and beyond. Yet, 'investigation' after investigation, with dozens of citizens poisoned, by been utter shams and cover-ups. A Bitter Fog, Poison Spring and Triangle Lake's investigation that never was 'conclusion' speaks to the power of Corporations and a Government that supports, promotes and continues to ignore the truth.

"DuPont, one of the Big 6 agrichemical eco-terrorists alongside Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer and BASF, has been sued for knowingly poisoning the drinking water of West Virginia's residents for 50 years. These disgusting corporate criminals need to be jailed for murder. Watch the interview with Mike Papantonio on Breaking The Set."

DuPont Poisons Water for 50 Years | Interview with Mike Papantonio

Abby Martin interviews with co-host of Ring of Fire radio, Mike Papantonio, about a federal lawsuit filed against the Dupont Corporation over the company’s p…