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Via GMO Free Oregon —
"Benton County week of action!!! Let's all head to Benton Food Freedom's website to support! Yes on 2-89!!! http://ift.tt/1Dgl2yb
Laura Jean says "Nothing like a good night of canvassing and talking to supporters! I had 5 awesome conversations about this initiative just on the way home today. Everyone from the gas attendant, the store clerk, to a passerby on the street – are all very excited to see this pass! The only problem is, support will drop once our opposition starts talking. They are professional manipulators. We need to talk to everyone NOW, and make sure they have the correct information about Measure 2-89 and why they should vote YES."

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Join us this week as we go door-to-door and talk with our friends and neighbors about Measure 2-89! All it takes is one commitment, for one evening, to have an effect in this election.

We're up against big corporations who will stop at nothing to try to prevent the citizens of Benton County from deciding their own agricultural future. This is our right and our decision!

We will not let their expensive and manipulative ad campaigns dissuade our voters, because we have the people power! Sign up now and do your part to protect our precious food system: http://ift.tt/1Dgl1dI

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