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Save Our Unspoiled Land – SOUL

Letter from Mark Clatterbuck on the tactics of those in the gas industry. They are becoming more personally aggressive. Be prepared my friends.-Read Below!Mark ClatterbuckJanuary 13, 2015Last week, within hours of being arrested along the Conestoga River with eight other Lancaster residents seeking to protect a confirmed Native American heritage site from a Williams soil-sample drill rig, I learned that the president of the university where I teach received an unsolicited email from a gas-industry insider accusing me of inciting “terrorism” and defaming my character and professional reputation. The letter was written by Mark Fischer of Lancaster, a member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition who has emerged as one of the most visible (if rare) local cheerleaders of the many natural gas expansion projects now threatening to despoil our county. He cast wild aspersions not only on me personally, but on the work of our community non-profit Martic SOUL (Save Our Unspoiled Land).The message was clear: think twice before speaking out against the Atlantic Sunrise Project, because it just might cost you your livelihood. I wonder if Mr. Fischer’s employer, LW Survey (which serves the gas industry throughout the eastern US), approves of such strong-arm tactics intended to silence community members who dare challenge their financial interests?Thanks for the warning, Mr. Fischer.Here’s our reply: we will not be silenced by you or others in the industry who gleefully embrace tactics of intimidation and defamation against those who assert the right of local communities to defend themselves against intrusive, destructive, high-risk industrial development aimed at shipping US energy overseas for corporate profits. On behalf of the thousands of us in Lancaster County—and thousands more along the entire Atlantic Sunrise Project corridor—know that we will continue to voice our opposition, stand on our values, and assert our right to say, “No.”In his letter to my university president, Mark Fischer describes the opposition to this pipeline as nothing more than a tiny band of outside activists stirring up trouble. Either Mr. Fischer has been living inside a methane bubble for the past eight months, or he is truly unnerved by the size, intensity, and growing effectiveness of local resistance to Williams’ proposed project. We’re witnessing a truly home-grown opposition movement—one that’s showing no signs of slowing down or shutting up. Veteran, local reporters are saying they’ve never seen anything like this in thirty years of covering Lancaster County news.Attacks like these will not dissuade us; they simply strengthen our resolve. After all, the will of Lancaster County is rooted in good soil.