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On June 3, Judge Charles Carlson ruled in favor of the Chief Petitioners for the Right of Local Self-government Charter Amendment, writing, “Just as, on the state level, a statute’s constitutionality is evaluated after its enactment, so too, on the county level, an initiative measure’s constitutionality is evaluated only after it has been adopted.”

On May 24th, Ann Kneeland, lead attorney for the Chief Petitioners, successfully argued the case for protection and preservation of our initiative process. She maintained that, “Historically, once a ballot initiative passes the County Clerk’s requirements (which this Initiative has), it is left to the voters to decide. The courts may be used to challenge the law after the majority of voters have decided to pass it. Bringing this ballot Initiative into a hearing before any signatures have even been gathered is an attack on our rights and an obstacle to the democratic process.” And the judge Agreed!

This decision authorizes Lane County voters to assert our right to write and pass laws to protect our community from corporate interference and influence; exactly what we are fighting for!!! Such great news!!!!!

And thanks to all of you who attended the court proceedings and to those of you who have supported this effort in so many ways!

Watch the Press Conference we created after the proceedings!
On to the signature gathering phase!!! Join us for our campaign kick-off at the June 20th CRA!!

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