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April 6th @6pm

The word Community as defined in the work of Community Rights, refers to all and everything within a given community.

It diminishes no one and nothing by segregating issues into special interests. Whether harm to the community comes in the form of climate chaos, social injustice, healthcare access, or housing insecurity. It includes all who are affected by the imbalance of power between people and corporations, people and the courts, people and the government.

With your help and support we work to elevate the legal standing of people and nature in order to reduce harm and establish sovereignty through cooperative self-determination in service to all within the community.

Living in Oregon, home to 67 native tree species, it is in our DNA to protect this     resource that enhances our quality of life in so many   ways. It is probably no surprise to learn that Google   says there are 714 environmental groups in our state   many of them focused on woodlands.

This year, as we approach Earth Day, we want to move deeper into the forest and connect our activist hearts to a more mystical discussion about trees and forests, streams and rivers.

We want to ask the question, “What is it about the forest that makes you do what you do?”

Zoom Topic: Oregonians ❤️  Trees

Time: Apr 6, 2022 06:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Please join our guests in conversation and exploration of our love and protective instincts relating to trees and the forests of Oregon:

  • Carol Van Strum: A venerated environmental activist who since 1975 has fought against the use of pesticides, including Agent Orange, being sprayed in Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest.
  • Andrew Collins-Anderson: Co-director, Coast Range Assoc. and host of Coast Range Radio.
  • David Tvedt: ORCRN board member, Our Forests board member, degree in Forestry/Resource Conservation.
  • Kai Hushchke, our moderator, ORCRN board president and Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Community Organizer.


We invite your participation and financial support in creating the world we want to live in and the world we wish future generations to inherit.

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