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When: May 15th at 6pm

Does law influence the culture, or does culture influence the law?

What do Lake Erie, an LA artist, a radical law firm, animal factory farms, and the Rock n’ Roll Hall Fame have to do with one another? For years the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) partnered with communities to move cutting edge rights-based laws into place to help change cultural thinking and corporate behavior. Then along comes LA activist artist and native Ohioan  Andrea Bowers in 2019 offering a new perspective on CELDF’s work by way of the power of art. It’s been a great relationship of mutual support by bringing together art, activism, advocacy and culture as a means to attempt to change how humans relate to the rest of the planet.

This month’s Webinar Wednesday we join Andrea as she shares her journey through her current exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (moCa) entitled “Exist, Flourish, Evolve”, along with Tish O’Dell, Consulting Director at CELDF, conveying the inspiration that Andrea’s art invoked in designing a creative new way to approach transformational change focused on truth, reckoning, and discovery of what right relationship with the planet and one another could be as recently experienced at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and moCa in Cleveland. Exhibit runs through May 26th…

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Andrea Bowers, Artist

Her approach to working with activists is to always ask the simplest question which is, ‘How can my art be in service to you?’”
Read more about Andrea and the Exhibit Here.

Megan Lykins Reich, moCa Executive Director

Megan started with the museum in 2004 as an intern and was just appointed Executive Director this year. She has been recognized by her board as someone who strives to engage underserved audiences and artists. Read more about the exhibit Here.

Tish O’Dell, CELDF Consulting Director

For the past 12 years, Tish has been involved in community rights and Rights of Nature work starting in her own community of Broadview Heights, Ohio.

Please RSVP for Zoom link: [email protected]

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