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WELL, WE KNOW THEY LIE TO US AND APPARENTLY THEY LIE TO THEIR STOCKHOLDERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS AS WELL. State and Federal Agencies said, "Veresen / Williams, you didn't consider all of the alternatives, which includes the Blue Ridge Pipeline Route . . .go do more work. VERESEN in a press release has framed it up as though it was a new idea by communities. Liars, liars, pants on fire! Here is the excerpt:

“The delay in issuing the final EIS is primarily due to the FERC’s evaluation of an alternative pipeline route, known as the Blue Ridge route, impacting approximately 14 miles of the 232 mile pipeline route,” said Don Althoff, President and CEO of Veresen. “Communities in southwest Oregon proposed this alternative route and it has our support. Veresen is committed to partnering with community members and other stakeholders in the areas where we operate and collaboratively understanding their needs and expectations. Our Jordan Cove LNG and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline project is no exception.”