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Of course we know what is killing our bees and has been since 1947— Industrial Agriculture 's pesticides, followed by GMOs and Neonics.
The only reason the truth continues to be swept under the carpet is because of the power and might of the chemical cartel.
Unless we stop the poisons time will run out for our bees.
But then we understand Monsanto has a GE version in the works. Not to worry! Unless you care about our Bees that is.
"The cause of colony collapse disorder is still largely unknown, and many scientists believe it is the result of several factors interacting with one another, including exposure to agricultural pesticides and attacks by bee parasites.”

Bees in danger: Epidemic of colony collapses is linked to stressed out honeybees
The sharp decline in honeybees has been linked with a change in the foraging behaviour of young bees brought on by some kind of environmental stress such as parasitic attacks or pesticides, a study has found.