We the People 2.0 – Oregon Tour

A Second American Revolution is building.

We the People 2.0 shares stories from communities across the country that are organizing against fracking, GMOs, aerial spraying, and other threats, and are confronting our structure of law, which elevates the rights of corporations over the rights of people, communities, and nature. What we do about it is up to us.

A Revolution to elevate the rights of people, communities, and nature above corporate “rights” and the preemptive authority of state and federal government.

A Revolution to help America manifest a true democracy, where “we the people” are the key decision-makers for our own communities.

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Oregon Dates: Check back often for details.

Florence – March 21st – City Lights Cinema @6pm
Cottage Grove – March 23rd – Healing Matrix, 632 E. Main St. @7pm
Eugene – March 24th – First United Methodist Church @7pm
St. Helens – March 25th -TBA
Ashland – March 30th – Unitarian Church @6:30pm
McMinnville – March 31st -TBA
Gold Beach – April 1st -TBA
Medford– April 6th – Medford Library @6:30pm