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Yes . . . only half a brain required which raises the question, "You just can't fix stupid when it comes to Climate Deniers."


Robert Reich

Another snow storm is heading up the East Coast. We’re in the third year of a dangerous drought here in the West, while the East is enduring the worst winter in living memory. You’d think that anyone with half a brain would now know that the climate is changing – and that the carbon that human beings are spewing into the atmosphere is the major culprit. Yet Republicans are still threatening to stop the EPA’s rules on carbon emissions of power plants, and still intent on the Keystone XL pipeline that will encourage the dirtiest oil imaginable to be extracted from the tar sands of Alberta. And many are still expressing doubts that climate change is a reality. How much more money from oil companies and the Koch brothers will it take for them to continue to deny what almost every one of their constituents is now experiencing?