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Yes, Thank you STOP. —Typical band-aid approach from 'environmental' groups, not wanting to rock the political boat to protect their funding and jobs. We join STOP in calling out such ploys! Bigger buffers are a but pathetic joke, and fall FAR short of protecting anything, let alone when minimum drift is two miles. FPA however will not compromise in only seeking a ban on timber helicopters—the state's roadside sprays are just as deadly to life in Oregon, as are most sprays using known hazardous poisons designed to kill.

"The only reason this has been an issue for so long is because the conventional environmental groups wouldn't touch it – too political.
STOP started off by taking timber head on and demanding a moratorium on aerial spraying… but no one would support us!!!!!
WE approached several local Eugene environmental groups that told us we don't touch that issue!! Now that there is momentum they are jumping on board and telling them to give us a buffer zone….??

HELL NO!!! We want a BAN on ALL aerial pesticide spraying!!! Anything less is worthless!!"

19 Environmental Groups That Want Stricter Rules For Pesticide Spraying
Environmental groups want stronger rules for spraying herbicides on Oregon forests.